Coronation Adopts SafeReferral for Encrypted ECommunication with Dental Offices

SafeReferral_Logo_FinalCoronation Dental Specialty Group is pleased to announce that has been selected to provide e-referral services with our partner dental offices.

“SafeReferral is the encrypted solution that we have been searching for,” according to Coronation partner Dr. Leslie Diamond, “SafeReferral allows us to both send and receive patient referrals, information, and x-rays, while fulfilling the RCDSO’s Guidelines on Electronic Records Management for Data in Motion.”

Coronation selected SafeReferral after realizing that receiving referrals by conventional mail was too slow in today’s electronic world, that file upload sites were inconvenient, and that email was prone to compromise with risk of loss of patient information.  Existing referral programs were either insecure, not widely adopted, or created a significant cost for dentists.

SafeReferral has numerous features convenient for both dentists and specialists.  Referrals are easily started by a drag-and-drop method; the Dashboard manages all sent/received files, and allows unread messages to be identified at a glance; and attachments are easily previewed in their own window.  SafeReferral also has a unique features that allows specialists to send correspondence back to dentists encrypted over the internet, allowing dentists to immediately see letters regarding their patients on their own computers in real time.

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