Coronation Now Accepting Cone Beam CT Scan Referrals

Slider Accepting CBCT Referrals 1Coronation Dental Specialty Group is pleased to announce that we are now accepting referrals from the dental community for Cone Beam CT scans.

Please fill in and print out a CBCT referral form, then send to us by SafeReferral, fax, or call for a patient appointment.  You can find a link to the referral form under the Referrals tab on the main menubar above

CBCT Arrow to Referral Form

Cone Beam CT scans are quickly changing the face of dentistry.  Rather than the single conventional 2-dimensional image that is taken with routine dental x-rays, a Cone Beam CT scan is able to take multiple images at one time and combine them into a 3-dimensional image.  The scan can then be measured and rotated, giving clinicians more information to plan their treatment.

Some areas where Cone Beam CT scanning has quickly adopted include:

  • Implant Dentistry where potential implant sites can be closely evaluated for bone dimensions, the presence of nerves or other anatomy, and the potential need for bone grafting prior to implant placement
  • Endodontics where intricate root canal systems can be carefully evaluated, and small or hidden canals can be found
  • Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery where the bones of the jaw and face can be measured, and surgical planning can be completed on a computer before any actual surgery is started (Virtual Surgical Planning)
  • Pathology where lesions like cysts and tumours can be measured and visualized in all three dimensions

Coronation’s CBCT scanner, the Instrumentarium OP300 Maxio offers a wide field-of-view CBCT scan.  In addition to the teeth and jaws, the OP300 is able to image the entire maxillofacial region from the chin to the orbits.

We would be happy to see your patients for your imaging needs, and provide the care you have come to expect from Coronation.


  1. I’ve had migraines for more than 30 years, in the past 4 years an x ray film showed to my dentist that I have a piece under my chin and he told me that could be the reason of my sickness. I’ve been try numerous medicines and I see this is getting worse while I’m getting older. Could you give an advice in this matter? Should I do a surgery to extract the piece?

    • Unfortunately we are unable to provide any advice regarding clinical questions over the internet.