Dr. Sarah Abitbol, Endodontist

Dr. Sarah Abitbol, Endodontist

Dr. Sarah Abitbol is a Dental Specialist in Root Canals (Endodontics).

She graduated from the University Central de Venezuela in 1990 in Caracas, Venezuela, then came to Canada and completed the National Dental Examining Board examinations in 1994.  After three years of private practice, she completed her Masters Degree in Endodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry in Toronto in 2001.

Dr. Abitbol has published numerous articles in the Journal of Endodontics.  She is a member of the Canadian Dental Society, Ontario Dental Society, as well as the dental societies of Waterloo Wellington, Brant County, Oxford County, and Stratford District.  In addition to practicing at Coronation Dental Specialty Group, Dr. Abitbol is a clinical instructor in root canal therapy with the  undergraduate dental students at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Abitbol is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

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