Dental Referrals by SafeReferral

SafeReferral_Logo_FinalAs recently announced, Coronation is pleased to use SafeReferral for encrypted e-communication with dental offices, allowing communication at the speed of email, with the encryption required by the RCDSO.

Benefits of SafeReferral for Referring Dentists

  • Start referral process with drag-and-drop to a desktop icon
  • Dashboard allows the dental office to see which referrals have been received, and which have been acted upon
  • Instantly receive letters, correspondence, and x-rays back from Coronation over the internet
  • Encrypted to protect patient information, meeting or exceeding requirements by the RCDSO
  • Simple installation, no fee to send referrals
  • More information at

To Register Your Dental Office with SafeReferral

  1. Enter your basic information at
  2. You will receive an email to download, install and activate the program
  3. Add any doctors or providers in your office who will be making referrals
  4. Request a connection to Coronation by clicking on the “Connections” button (top left)

We are confident that SafeReferral will improve both your practice and ours.  Please contact us with any questions.