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Treatment Awake, Asleep, or In Between?  We’ll Help You Decide

At Coronation Dental, we strive to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. Many patients decide to take advantage of our anaesthetic choices to relieve their anxiety and minimize their stress.  For example, many patients need their wisdom removed, and choose to be asleep for the procedure.

Sedation and anaesthesia options include:

  • nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

  • oral sedation (pill, by mouth)

  • sedation or general anaesthesia via intravenous (twilight sleep, or fully asleep)

  • general anaesthesia monitored by a medical anesthesiologist

  • hospital anaesthesia for those patients with significant medical problems or undergoing major surgery

After discussing a procedure and treatment options with you, our doctors may also discuss anaesthetic choices that are appropriate for you, your procedure, and your medical history.

Our goal in providing anaesthesia is not only to make you comfortable, but to ensure your safety.  At the consultation appointment, patients undergoing an anaesthetic will have their medical history recorded, preoperative testing ordered, physical examination of the airway and cardiopulmonary systems completed, and health status scored according to the guidelines set out by the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

On the day of the procedure, you will be under the care of the Doctor, a Registered Nurse, and a Dental Assistant, who all work as a team to ensure that your experience is safe.  After your procedure is finished, you will then spend time in the recovery area where a Registered Nurse will monitor you while you wake up.  Once you have met specific criteria, you will be allowed to go home.

Our Commitment on Sedation and Anaesthesia

Your safety is our primary concern

  • Patients will be individually evaluated, and will have an anaesthetic recommendation that is appropriate for the procedure involved, for their medical history, and for their level of anxiety

  • The care and monitoring that will be provided will meet or exceed the Guidelines for Use of Sedation and General Anaesthesia in Dental Practice as set out by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

  • We will strive to make your appointment as comfortable as possible

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