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What To Expect For Your First Visit


The first appointment is usually a consultation appointment where we review important policies with you, and learn about the problem that brought you to us.  It is important to bring a government-issued ID (driver’s license, Health Card, passport) with you.


A nurse or assistant will review your medical history with you.   Please bring a list of your medical conditions, any medications that you take, and of your doctors.


We will then discuss your dental concerns with you.  We will review the x-rays that you bring or have been sent by your dentist, and will take new x-rays if necessary.  You will see a dental specialist who will examine all the information that has been gathered, review any referral from your dentist, and discuss treatment with you.  Please bring a list of any questions you may have so that we can be sure to answer them all for you.


In some cases, treatment may be performed at your first appointment.  However, a second treatment visit may be required because of sedation and anesthesia requirements, the amount of time a procedure may take, or the complexity of the treatment.  A second visit allows us to give enough time for your treatment, or to prepare equipment and materials for you.




Please bring the following insurance information to your appointment:

  • Any dental insurance forms or cards

  • Name of subscriber and ID number

  • Employer

  • Insurance company

  • Insurance policy and group number

Predeterminations and insurance claims will be submitted electronically; manual claim forms can also be provided for mailing.  All insurance correspondence and cheques will be sent to the subscriber.


We will provide you with a predetermination at your consultation appointment to submit to your insurance carrier; they will tell you how much will be covered, and how much you will be responsible for.  We do not accept payment from your insurance carrier, and kindly ask that your account be settled with us at each appointment.


We are happy to discuss our financial policies with you at any time and to assist you in any way that we can.