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Dr. Ramez Shehata
Medical Anesthesiologist

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Dr. Ramez Shehata

Dr. Ramez Shehata graduated with his medical degree from Cairo University in 1989.  Following the completion of a Master of Science in Anesthesia from Cairo University in 1994, he pursued a Fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia from CHU Bordeaux in 1997.  He subsequently completed a Doctor of Philosphy (Ph.D.) in Anesthesia at Cairo University, in 2000.

In Canada, Dr. Shehata pursued a Fellowship in Anesthesia at the University of Toronto in 2003, and successfully completed the Assessment Program for International Medical Graduates in Anesthesia at the University of Ottawa in 2004.

Dr. Shehata has been a Staff Anesthesiologist at Cambridge Memorial Hospital since 2004, and has also been the Medical Director at Coronation Dental Specialty Group since 2010.  Dr. Shehata also holds the title of Assistant Professor (adjunct) with McMaster University.

Dr. Shehata is an active member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.