Coronation Dental Specialty Group

Stratford, Ontario
Oral Surgery & Periodontics 


The Stratford office of Coronation Dental Specialty Group offers treatment in Oral Surgery, and Periodontics (gum surgery).  Treatment is provided by dental specialists.

Some of the services which are available to patients include removal of wisdom teeth, dental implants, tissue and bone grafting, and gum surgery.

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About the Office

Coronation Dental Specialty Group’s Stratford Office is conveniently located within walking distance of downtown on Ontario Street. The office serves not only the local community of Stratford, but also the smaller surrounding communities. It has been open for many years, and has become a fixture in the dental community.

The Stratford office is set up for both Oral Surgery, and for Periodontics. There are two treatment rooms for surgery, a treatment room for gum surgery, and a consultation room. Patients who have been sedated will also spend time in the recovery area prior to going home.

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Coronation Dental Specialty Group – Stratford

270 Ontario St.
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 3H5
519 623 3810 (appt)
519 272 0615 (fax)

Please contact us to make an appointment for consultation or treatment today.

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